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We were visiting Charleston and ...
We were visiting Charleston and a friend suggested this deli and we were NOT DISSAPOINTED!  Outstanding in all levels - service and food were outstanding!
Tammy B. via - Nov 15, 2020
Wowowooww SUCH a great spot. I ...
Wowowooww SUCH a great spot. I loved their array of different sandwiches and the retro toys and vintage decor make this restaurant super unique. The staff was extremely friendly and I can't wait to take people here when they come visit.
Chelsea C. via - Nov 14, 2020
Went for lunch and during COVID, you can get a table but all food is ordered at the front counter. If you have a table, let them know when you order and they will bring it to you. They were busy between Noon-1:30 and so we had to wait for about 10 min for a table. Just find the guy with the list and out your name on and then you can ... read more
jason jackson via - Nov 4, 2020
👍👍👍 Another excellent location of Brown Dog Deli. The nostalgia of the Nintendo and arcade decor is what makes this place so special. The food is always great here and their menu item names make me chuckle. 😁 ... read more
RichSellsCHS . com - Rich Tavetian, Realtor via - Nov 3, 2020
fast, inexpensive, great location and delicious -- the salmon and fried green tomato wrap was to die for ... read more
CC_Road_Trippers via - Oct 28, 2020
Awesome ... read more
Striker Bolan via - Oct 25, 2020
Great food with an amazing Retro atmosphere. The food/entree names are also amazing. As a bob's burgers fan I especially appreciate a few of them even more. I wish I took pictures of my food but it was gone so quickly.. Weird. Jk. Will definitely return in the future. There are several menu items I still want to try. 😊👍 ... read more
Aaric Ray via - Oct 9, 2020
Had to call back twice from home ...
Had to call back twice from home (got takeout) to tell them how good the smoked salmon breakfast "sandwich" on the "everything" bagel was.......
I made myself wait one day to go back for another. Ridiculously good. Going back tomorrow.
Geoff G. via - Oct 8, 2020
Cool 80's breakfast spot. Big portions ... read more
Nicole Brown via - Oct 8, 2020
Great food, lots of choices for all types of eaters ... read more
Andrea Andrews via - Oct 6, 2020
Honestly today was the first day ...
Honestly today was the first day I ever ordered from  Brown Dog Deli and let me tell you it won't be my last! I couldn't chose between the Apple butter jeans and the fig and pig so naturally I got both and boy was that the best idea I ever had! I gave the other half of each to a friend and neither of us could stop eating. You can't g ... read more
Summer K. via - Oct 4, 2020
Great environment and quality food and service!!!
Gordon Campbell via - Oct 3, 2020
Amazing fried green tomato BLT!
Jenna Kaufman via - Sep 9, 2020
The smell inside was awful and ...
The smell inside was awful and stuck with me for a long time and it looked filthy, but I saw them staying on top of cleaning up. Everyone was very friendly and our food was delicious. They told me the sweet tea was fantastic, but it was just ok. I watched someone making a salad that looked amazing. Not sure if I would want to go out ... read more
Dawn W. via - Sep 4, 2020
If you want to be taken back in ...
If you want to be taken back in time you will quickly be smiling and remembering many items they have on the walls of this restaurant.  From some of the original video games to the lunch boxes of the 60 & 70s (maybe earlier but I was born in the 60's).  Every original board game, toy, movie poster, etc. It had an excellent and ok nvi ... read more
Suzanne A. via - Jul 22, 2020
Hidden Gem great food and walk down memory lane
We discovered this place on way to beach. Great food. Loved the walk down memory lane with old records, games, and lots of nostalgic items.
Debbie S via - Jul 18, 2020
Probably best gyro I have ever ...
Probably best gyro I have ever eaten, great attitude of the staff - pleasure to do business with- Looking forward to trying other items on menu ... read more
John H. via - Jul 9, 2020
A hidden gem that we stumbled upon- ...
A hidden gem that we stumbled upon- guys the Turkey in the Straw was insanely good. An explosion of extraordinary flavors. So glad we found this place! We will be back!
Jess H. via - Jun 30, 2020
First time trying this it is an okay place...better then what it used to be.
Bobby Kalman via - Jun 29, 2020
This place is incredible! We had ...
This place is incredible! We had the fried green tomato,bean wrap, and kale broccoli. It was all perfect and very reasonable. The staff was all great and friendly, would highly recommend!
Blake S. via - Jun 15, 2020
Great fun menu of interesting sandwiches, awesome 80s memorabilia. Didn’t get to try the biscuits but they sounded good.
Chloe Alix via - Jun 14, 2020
Always good food
This place never disappoints. Food is always tasty, fresh prepared and cooked. Decor is a super fun walk down memory lane for anyone over 40 who likes playing games. I can honestly say I have never had anything, at either of their locations, that I...More ... read more
CDMShad via - Jun 13, 2020
Food is always great.Just ...
Food is always great.

Just know that they aren't wearing masks right now!
Candace W. via - Jun 7, 2020
This place is amazing! Many vegetarian options that are SO tasty! We will definitely come back!
Jessica Stahlbock via - May 27, 2020
This is one of my favorite places in Charleston go grab a bite to eat. The sauce that is on the Bob's Burger and the Impossible Burger is so good, I always ask for extra. The Big Mac is phenomenal... they don't skimp on the meat, the vegan mac n cheese is perfection and the BBQ sauce ties it all together. The interior is designed wit ... read more
Cherrish W via - May 24, 2020
We got the Jimmy pesto sandwich. It was so worth the value and a perfect portion for most. This is my new favorite sandwich and I will definitely be back!
Isabelle Edson via - May 20, 2020
You know it’s good when you..
You know it’s good when you eat here two days in a row. Excellent vegetarian wrap.The fried green tomato blt was outstanding. Love this place.
worth15 via - Mar 17, 2020
Fun place with great aesthetic ...
Fun place with great aesthetic and delicious food. The atmosphere of the deli was definitely an integral part of the experience.
Caren D. via - Mar 1, 2020
I was so excited to see this place ...
I was so excited to see this place open their doors back up! They serve breakfast now and there's such an array of options, vegetarian and vegan friendly too! & COFFEE!!! I had the Eggs Denney and the biscuit was so tasty and you can see each layer of dough in them. The owner was so excited to tell me how he makes them by hand himsel ... read more
Allyson R. via - Feb 14, 2020
One of the Best Deli Sandwiches
In our many trips to Charleston we had walked by the Brown Dog Deli on Calhoun several times but had been reluctant to try it out. That was a huge mistake. This past week one of our favorite spots was temporarily closed for maintenance so...More ... read more
Bobby B via - Jan 30, 2020
Yummy yummy
Omg one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever eaten!! Alway quick and friendly service. This place is a must do for lunch.
Darren412 via - Jan 18, 2020
Great place for lunch.
Brown Dog Deli did not let us down for a lovely lunch whilst we were in Charleston. Great selection of sandwiches, both hot and cold fillings. The seating area is quite small, and so there was a short wait for a table, but I believe...More ... read more
Bex_LL via - Dec 28, 2019
Great deli, lunch spot
My wife and I have ate here on a trip a few years ago and decided to come back this year because it was so great before. Brown Dog did not let us down! We brought our 2 year old and they were very accommodating...More ... read more
jsmith4415 via - Oct 4, 2019
Great lunch spot!
Great lunch spot! It was busy but we didn’t need to wait to get a spot. I would highly recommend this place.
Kim B via - Sep 20, 2019
Very Good!
We hit this place just right and didn’t have to wait. It was delicious. I had the Chipotle Chicken Cobb Salad. So good. Had a great smoky taste. My daughter had the Brent’s Burger tasty. The service was excellent. Would highly recommend.
timangelalex via - Aug 4, 2019
There is a sign in the door today that says they're closed for remodeling until further notice.Awesome food usually though!
Leann Kerr via - Jun 3, 2019
My husband loved the burger he had. They have a large selection of sandwiches. Mine was delish. They also hibachi and other hot dishes. They serve beer as well as soft drinks. They stayed open and cooked for us even though it was 15 min to closing. We had come from MUSC and we're grateful.
Lori Higgins via - Jun 3, 2019
Delicious sandwiches
The brown Dog Deli was recommended by our tour guide and was a great choice. In a town noted for its cuisine, the Brown Dog Deli offers delicious, unique fast food at very reasonable prices. The ambiance is casual post-hippie, with LP album covers lining...More ... read more
G0urmand101 via - May 29, 2019
We enjoyed our meal here. It would get 5 stars, but the time it took to get lunch was a little too much.
David Snyder via - May 3, 2019
SO THANKFUL. We showed up about 10 min before close, have been at the hospital all day and they still we're running all of their menu. We felt so horrible for walking in so late, but they took care of us. Definitely want to go back under different circumstances. Thank y'all so much.
Ella Kokinda via - May 3, 2019
Great food ... read more
sharon bradley via - May 3, 2019
Everything I order meets my expectations and then some! Everything tastes so fresh and their menu is creative.
Elizabeth Mandeville via - May 3, 2019
I knew this place had a lot of hype going into it and it was very delicious! I do recommend.
Ian Wright via - May 3, 2019
Will Come Again!
Fantastic food! Great relaxed atmosphere, friendly service, and food was a huge surprise! Some sandwiches didn’t seam to make sense, but completely blew my mind! The Apple “Butter” Jeans was amazing! Along with the Jimmy Pesto. My spouse and I ordered items that we both...More ... read more
jonathanb914 via - Mar 29, 2019
Unfortunately I can only give them ...
Unfortunately I can only give them 4 stars because of all things to run out of, they were out of FRIES! On a good note the Apple Jeans Betty was quite possibly the best sandwich I've ever eaten. Absolutely delicious. The service was ok, I did run out of drink which is a huge peeve of mine. There was no one else dining so clearly ther ... read more
Lisa H. via - Mar 27, 2019
This place is super cute and reasonably ...
This place is super cute and reasonably priced for lunch! I loved all the unique menu options and decided to go with the Pig n Fig, which was a lovely combination of savory (pork, BBQ sauce) and sweet (apple, fig spread). Personally, I wish the cheese was a little meltier, but it was definitely a solid sandwich.
Angela L. via - Mar 26, 2019
Loved it
This is a quirky little diner with great sandwiches. Fun old 80s music memorabilia on the walls and friendly servers. Great!
Gretchen T via - Mar 19, 2019
I'm a huge fan of their food. Good, wholesome, healthy, tasty - and on the quick side. It's perfect for me. Dog friendly too (not sure if they can come inside, but they do extra things to give love to our furry friends). Love Brown Dog Deli. Also one of the best spots for VEGETARIANS in Charleston. Wonderful menu --- I hav ... read more
George Sink Jr via - Mar 3, 2019
Great staff and excellent food. I love the Brunswick stew, and the Salmon topped salad is really good. One of my favorite places for lunch.
Jeffrey Tomlinson via - Mar 3, 2019
Was very busy, but they were down a cook. Food was delicious, can't wait to eat there again ... read more
Sherie Snipe via - Mar 3, 2019
Food was delicious. Would definitely recommend ... read more
Andy Sommers via - Mar 3, 2019
Whether you live here or are just ...
Whether you live here or are just visiting our wonderful city, you need to stop in and grab a bite!!! Staffed with our locals, you're able to enjoy one of the 3 TVs here or even watch your food being made as the kitchen is completely open! They have a stock of local craft beers on tap, bottle, or a can! Don't come by too early, we do ... read more
Dawn E. via - Feb 23, 2019
Total rock star of a sandwich shop. 15% off if you bring your student ID.
Mike Ladd via - Feb 3, 2019
I'm tossed..the wait was terrible, but the food was great.
Sheila Jurgensmeyer via - Feb 3, 2019
Had one bad experience at this location where they got my order wrong twice. The first time I was served meat and I'm vegan. The second time I was served the correct vegan burger but with dairy cheese. Finally on the third attempt it was correct. However, I decided to give them another chance and have been back twice since without is ... read more
Bridget Blackburn via - Feb 3, 2019
Got a French dip was very good. Loved the broccoli, and kale slaw. Staff very friendly ... read more
Rob Lawhorn via - Feb 3, 2019
Cute restaurant. Food was good but a little too sweet. More savory to balance out would have been good. Would go back.
Mike Garcia via - Feb 3, 2019
Great food at a good location on a Calhoun Street corner ... read more
Max G. Mahaffee, Esq. via - Feb 3, 2019
Was in Charleston for the weekend ...
Was in Charleston for the weekend. Stop at this corner deli. OMG! Food is delicious. Try the Rosemary Baby Daddy sandwich. Very good.
Veronica W. via - Feb 3, 2019
Easy walk from the hospital. Cute ...
Easy walk from the hospital. Cute corner deli with dog decor to show for their theme and pup friendly atmosphere. The food was made to order and super savory. Appears to be a local favorite and they cater to the collegiate price point and offer discounts everyday with a student Id. I got a soup, a salad and hot chicken wings for lunc ... read more
Jen H. via - Jan 28, 2019
A must go in Charleston
Excellent place for lunch. We each had something different. Apple butter Jeans is awesome. The pesto pasta salad was delicious. If you're in town a must stop for lunch.
F2529YNraymondh via - Jan 19, 2019
Great atmosphere, food and beverage ...
Great atmosphere, food and beverage. Kid/dog friendly with outdoor seating...had the salmon wrap with green fried tomatoes great spicy dish I would recommend.
Kristen O. via - Jan 6, 2019
Delicious sandwiches!
Christine Andresen via - Jan 3, 2019
Very cute place with a great menu, especially for vegetarians! The food was reasonably priced for Charleston. Lots of dog artwork! I will definitely be going back :) ... read more
EvelynAnn B via - Jan 3, 2019
Great local eatery ... read more
Charles Zaglin via - Jan 3, 2019
Awesome little sub shop. Love it! Highly reccomend!!!
David Froese via - Jan 3, 2019
I have no shame - I eat here multiple times a week and everything is delicious. I honestly haven’t had a bad meal yet. The Fig N Pig, Alice’s Caesar Wrap and Turkey In the Straw are my top choices. Fresh cut fries and pasta salads are bomb too. Great staff and atmosphere.
Julia Duda via - Jan 3, 2019
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